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My work is called “Burnout”.
Why did I choose this particular topic, how do I see burnout?
Each person carries a light and is able to illuminate the world around them. Each person is a lantern. A talented person who has managed to recognize his gift and make it a matter of life, shines in a special bright way.
He is burning with his work. He burns so much that he does not notice anything around him, he does not need anything, he breathes his work, gets pleasure, mentally constantly in ideas, searching for how to make it even better, even more perfect. Better results, more ideas, more perfection in every detail, in every line.
The race begins. A person lives in his own world, strives for perfection. It's burning. And suddenly… The world dims, a fog appears, and excitement, inspiration, passion, and pleasure are replaced by fatigue, apathy, irritation, and helplessness. The world has become bleak, the bright colors have become dull, meaning has been lost. A person feels misunderstood and underestimated. The lantern went out.
Has the world changed or have I changed?
I see emotional burnout as an extinguished lantern. A lantern is a person who carries light in himself. But this light was extinguished and darkness, hopeless melancholy, reigned around. There are no bright emotions, no desires, everything is foggy and blurry. Only small yellow lights remind of the former fullness, carry hope.
My battered lantern, cracked and rusty, sits on the same battered bricks. Battered, but solid, able to support and be the foundation. There are nails sticking out of the table where the bricks are. They are not completely packed into the tree. My nails can still be taken out, my shackles can still be taken off.
This is also indicated by the most life - affirming element of my work-the yellow paint flowing out of the lantern. Is it just paint? From my battered lantern, light flows, hope and faith that each of us has the strength to light our lantern again, to shine again, to see the world bright and colorful. But how? After all, I was burned out and extinguished.
Burnout can help you upgrade and move on. In fact, burnout is a protective reaction of the body to stress. Surprisingly, it protects a person from being burned out completely. Burnout sends signals, gives you the opportunity to stop in time, to reconsider aspects of life that suck up precious energy, without which a quality life is impossible. If you do not ignore these signals, but get together and work on yourself, burnout will help you shine in a new way.
Burnout helped me stop and realize that in order to achieve harmony in my life, I need to pay attention to all areas of life, not just one. Harmonious development is possible only where there is a balance. After burning out, I saw that I was dependent on other people's opinions about my work, it bound me and prevented me from creating the way I see and feel.
The work “Burnout” is valuable for me because it is my first work in which I tried to express myself freely and independently of other people's opinions. This is my first work that I created after a break caused by my burnout, loss of desire to create, loss of orientation. This work is my light, yellow and warm as the Sun.