My project, which has been gathering dust on the hard drive for a long time.
The work is called "Aries“, which means ”ram" in Latin, and in astrology - Aries.
You can often hear the expression "stubborn as a ram”.
Aries are stubborn by nature, but if they are touched to the quick, they become stubborn. Stubbornness and perseverance make Aries purposeful, determined and assertive. These same traits are characteristics of people in different situations, regardless of their belonging to the Zodiac signs.
In what situations do we show mutton stubbornness, devoid of common sense, and turn into a steel mouflon, into Aries?
I saw an example of such a situation on a video, viewing which led to the creation of a work called “Aries”.
In this video, a huge crowd of people, running headlong, runs through the opened doors. People are running, shouting, pushing each other, not noticing anything around, barely fitting into the narrow doorway. Common sense is lost. The crowd suddenly turned into a herd, people became Aries. The herd is running so furiously to get the benefits offered by the organizers. This transformation is amazing. But did it suddenly happen?
“If there is a herd, there is a shepherd” - sings the Kino group and the immortal Viktor Tsoi.
The herd instinct - the instinct to associate oneself with such people- is deeply embedded in us by nature. We live in a society and we can't live without each other. But first of all, a person is a thinking, intelligent being who can realize his qualities only when he is alone. However, other thinking, intelligent beings have learned to skillfully use natural instincts for their own purposes.
The work depicts my vision of Aries - a ram, Aries. In general, Aries for me is a phenomenon in which a thinking, intelligent, social being under the influence of natural herd instinct and skillful manipulation turns into a herd animal, into a ram.